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Manor Farm/Office/Quarry/Invoice address

G B Foot Ltd, The Farm Office, Manor Farm, Monk Sherborne, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5HW     Map

Phone-01256 850880     Fax-01256 855824        Office Email address        Accounts Email address   


Public Weighbridge

Public Weighbridge, Manor Farm, Monk Sherborne, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5HW     Map

Phone/Fax- 01256 855826       

(please note that Planning conditions require all Quarry HGV traffic to access the quarry from the south via the A339 Newbury road/Shothanger Crossroads junction)


Vyne Farm/Vyne Farm Workshop

G B Foot Ltd, The Workshop, Vyne Farm, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 9HL

Phone- 07721410986 Fax- 01256 850877     Map    Email

(please note that the preferred route for HGV's is from the A340 via Morgaston Road See here)


Vyne Lodge Farm

Vyne Lodge Farm, Vyne Road, Bramley, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5DX.   Map   


  1. G B Foot DO NOT normally arrange for deliveries/collections for ourselves at this address
  2. Although maps show a connection through to Cufaude Lane, this is not a public right of way and is always blocked.
  3. All access is via Vyne Road.


Mobile Contact numbers/Email addresses

Mike Dalgarno 07785931641 Email      Mike Filson 07771644017 Email     Peter Todd 07721410986 Email


New CR9080 elevation for 2008
New CR9080elevation
The beginning of another testing harvest!


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